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4 Year Old Truth Bombs

I was doing my parental duty yesterday by nagging my four year old about the state of her room.  It looked like someone threw a grenade loaded with toddler underwear, every dress she owns, bits of paper and little glittery stick-on earrings that end up stuck everywhere from the bottom of my sock to the … Continue reading

Bomb Squad Diaper Duty

Well it’s been almost a month since I became a mother of two.  Sofia just turned two this week and Eli is three weeks old.  My time is so valuable these days that in order to blog, I either have to give up my afternoon nap (and lets be honest here, that is definitely not … Continue reading


In the weeks that Sofia has learned to crawl, she’s also learned that she is independent from me.  Which when you think about it, must be a pretty crazy feeling for a baby who spends the first 8 months (or so) of their life practically attached to you.  She travels around the house at will, … Continue reading



I’m sorry but I must make an amendment to something in one of my previous posts.  Here is what my comment was: “Sleep is now my bitch.” This is not true.  I let my quick success go to my newbie parent head and grossly underestimated Sleep and her “dark dealings” with infants.  It was all … Continue reading