Situational Permissive Parenting…or Parenting When Your Sick

It occurred to me as Sofia was shoving a toy into my mouth that this would make for a humorous blog post.

I have a cold.  A big head cold.  I am so congested that my bright red nose enters a room before I do.  My ears are plugged so everything sounds like I’m underwater.  I can’t sleep well because I have to sleep virtually sitting up so I can breathe through my nose.  And I’m so tired.  Oh so tired.  Solutions that have worked in the past (otc-knock-me-out-into-oblivion) are not as readily available (ie: Neo Citran).  Did you know there’s a huge shortage of Neo Citran?  That sweet sweet hot nectar from the God’s of Sickness is not being made at the moment, so keep it close and hoard if you find it.  I’m a bag of mucous and exhaustion, too tired to care that my underwear is on backwards and I haven’t brushed my teeth.  Did I mention that I also have a 14 month old?  My own personal germ-factory was responsible for infecting me.  Her snotty kisses and full-in-the-face sneezes ensured the transmission of the most recent disease.

Today my version of parenting is the least amount I can do, while ensuring safety.  It’s 11 am and there haven’t been any tears yet, so we’re good.  Sofia pretty much has the run of the house, as I’m just too tired to care…the swath of her destruction is amazing.  Toys all over the living room floor, tupperware all over the kitchen, tampons and toilet paper in the bathroom, the dogs food is in his water dish and she’s gone into my underwear drawer and pulled out every pair I have.  She’s currently wearing a little lacy pair of undies around her neck (aaaaaand there’s a safety hazard).

Playtime with mama consists of me laying on the floor like a dead fish as she crawls and climbs all over me, shoving toys into my mouth, only moving when she pokes her fingers in my eyes or yanks my hair too hard.  What I’m doing here is teaching her life skills.  Right now she’s learning “independent play”….and how to check for signs of life in an otherwise unresponsive body.  I think she knows that I’m not at my best, she periodically will bestow the most gentlest of slobbery kisses on me, followed by a smack on the forehead.  I guess she’s got her fathers compassion.

It’s nap time and I’m so thankful for the corral….I mean crib.  We made it half the day almost…no injuries or tears…and Sofia’s fine too.  Now if I can decongest, perhaps I can get a rest in too.  My last thought before I go fill another kleenex is this.  I only have one and can barely take care of both of us when I’m sick…how do moms of two do it?!?  Or three?!  I can’t even imagine…

I need my Dr. Mom.  Later friends.



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