The “Celebrate A Solid” Dance Party

I threw a little party in my head, did a little dance and texted M to let him know that Sofia had a solid poop today.  This is particularly dance-party worthy because it’s been at least a few weeks since we’ve had formed poop in a diaper, instead changing “poop soup” with various ingredients and a stink like no other.  Not to mention the cleanup required, especially with a wiggly little one, whose sole desire is to spread a mess as far as she can using hands, feet and toys.  There have been times when throwing her in the tub is an easier way to deal with the situation.  So you can see, after multiple changes like this in a day, the world must celebrate.  Why is she so disgusting?  Because of those little tiny teeth that she’s growing in her mouth are wreaking havoc on her poor little system, causing all sorts of other disruptions.  Not to mention, things she may be ingesting when my attention is directed elsewhere…

It’s funny how a baby’s digestive offerings become a fascination right from the get-go…well in our house at least.  I can remember getting excited (and partly disgusted), when we saw the first “black death” that babies emit after being born (it’s called meconium, by the way).  And many times I’ve heard M exclaim, with pride in his voice, his shock on the size of what she produced…and then call me over to check it out.  I felt a little bit of pride over Christmas when I ambushed my brother with an especially ripe one that actually made him gag…(haha…poor guy is screwed…he’s a new dad as of yesterday…heheheh).  That’s right…that’s my beautiful daughter that made your eyes tear and your nose try to climb back into your face.  Yah how’s that for mommy pride!

You might judge me, think I’m disgusting (and you may be right)…but admit it…you’re just as curious when its your kid.  And really, all kidding aside, checking out what’s happening down below is a good indication that everything’s kosher inside…so there.

May you have many reasons to celebrate with a dance party today and every day!


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