Baby’s First…Bleeder.

It’s been awhile since my last post.  The sailing has been smooth and the development of both mom and baby  steady.  Sofia has sprouted her two eye teeth (fangs) before getting her top front teeth and now looks like a baby vampire.  Move over Bella Swan…there’s a new girl in town, and she’s actually capable of more than one facial expression.

So we were all set to go out yesterday afternoon.  M’s mom and sister came over to babysit and we were going to see a movie.  Sofia was happy as could be, crawling around the field of noisy toys that she amassed over Christmas.  I was at the door waiting for M and conversing with my MIL and SIL (mother and sister -in law) and watching Sofia mess around, pulling herself up with our coffee table.  Time seemed to slow and I watched in slow motion as Sofia mixed up her footing and she fell, her face and mouth hitting the edge of the coffee table.  Her back was to me so I couldn’t see her face.  Not wanting to panic and encourage her upset I didn’t go to her, hoping that she’d recover by herself and avoid the instant wail that I was sure would follow.  SIL picked her up and inspected her little mouth that was wailing like a banshee by now.  I asked her if she hit her mouth and SIL said, “I think I see blood”.  Still not panicking, I took over as the wailing increased in both pitch and severity and took a look inside her little mouth.

I haven’t mentioned that I do not do well with blood.  Like not at all.  I could hardly manage a discussion about puncture injuries in a first-aid class without feeling queasy.

All I saw in the flesh of my flesh’s mouth was blood.  Lots of blood.  And it was so deep red.  Its funny that that first image of the blood and how dark it was is what I remember most clearly.  Operating without thinking about it, we went into the kitchen for a cold wet cloth.  I was hoping she’d suck on it and it would stop the bleeding.  By this time she was crying so hard that no sound was coming out.  She fought the cloth and I was trying to mop up the blood seeping from somewhere inside.  She just kept fighting and screaming, and I started to panic.  Not being able to comfort her and then not sure if I was doing the right thing.  My wall crumbled and my eyes started to get hot and stingy.  My MIL took her from me and tried her best to comfort her but Sofia is a feisty little kid and she fought.  Finally M came out, hearing the racket and the intensity of Sofia’s crying.  He grabbed her and started walking around murmuring calmly in her ear.  Sofia calmed down and the bleeding slowed and eventually stopped.  I remembered that mouth injuries often look worse than they are and tend to bleed a fair amount.  By this time I had calmed down enough to joke with SIL about how Sofia really looked like a baby vampire now with the blood tracks running down both sides of her mouth.  Perhaps a little inappropriate?  It was a weird image.

It all happened so fast, yet it seemed to last a long time.  We were able to get Sofia to relax on her auntie’s lap with her favorite books and her bunny.  Hearing her laugh a little and squeal at her books gave us the green light to head out to our movie…and text about 20 minutes later just to make sure.  And she was just fine.  With a fat lip and a stain of blood on her shirt she looked like she’d been brawlin’ and pub crawlin’.

It was a traumatic experience for both Sofia and myself.  Probably more so for me.  I hated seeing her in pain.  I know it won’t be the last time either.  She is a risk taker just like her mama and a fighter like her dad, so blood and bruises will be a rite of passage in our house.  My MIL made a few comments about why we hadn’t baby-proofed the house, and how dangerous the sharp edge of the table was.  Fair enough, but I’m not sure that I’m a big supporter of baby-proofing.  Babies need to learn their limits, cause and effect and consequences.  Not that I’m careless with safety, but I believe that maybe instead of buying all these things to hide or cushion dangerous things from my baby, perhaps I can teach her about those dangerous things and how to avoid them.  Kids need to bump, scrape and learn.  And just out of curiosity, I checked out what to do with mouth injuries in children…and I was spot on.
Check out the article…just in case.


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