The Leviathan

Hello dear readers.  I’m glad you haven’t given up on me and this blog.  I’m a little distracted today.  As of right this moment my little darling is supposed to be well into her morning nap, but is sitting up in her crib, playing with her bunny and chatting to herself and me.

Oh wait….silence…YES!  And she’s down for the count!

I realize it’s been awhile since my last honest post…but life outside of cyberspace has been pretty busy.  We’ve hit a few developmental milestones, enjoyed Thanksgiving, attacked and conquered that wily lady named Sleep and most recently had the flu.  I’m (still) learning that being a parent sometimes means other things take a backseat…which I (still) find difficult at times.

Since coming back from our summer vacation, its like Sofia is learning things in hyperdrive.  She’s started talking the week we got back and her first words being “da” followed by “mumumum”.  This stage is pretty amazing to witness, hearing her pick up sounds and then turn them into words.  When I was in college I took a linguistics course and was completely fascinated by the mechanics of how we speak.  (If I could do things over again, I would have pursued that avenue for a career.  It’s SO interesting! Buuut that’s neither here nor there so let’s move on…)  I did some reading about how her language skills are developing and right now she’s learning to use her tongue to put sounds together (like “ah-da” etc).  Last week I was in a sentimental mood and was watching some of the video clips we took of her when she was just learning to vocalize.  Between my heaving sobs and torrent of tears (my baby is growing up!!) it was so interesting to see the progression.  I just love how I get the opportunity to watch, and play a part in how it happens!

On the 29th, just shy of hitting 8 months old, Sofia crawled for the first time.  She’s been mobile, sliding backwards all over the place since 6 months, which frustrated her at times.  She’d slide back into chair and table legs and get stuck quite often, so going forward was very exciting.  All it took was the right motivation…my cell phone.  Since then she’s been getting into all kinds of jams…stuck between chairs, under coffee tables, chewing on any cord or cable she could get her little hands on.  My ears are attuned to this weird hacking/gagging sound she makes, which means she’s gagging on a dried leaf or pretty much anything on the floor she can find to jam in her mouth.  I’m really good at the finger sweep down her throat now and my floors are REALLY clean…well kinda.  The phrase “Sofia no!  Yucky!” gets said many times a day in our house.  But again, I marvel at how wonderful it must be for her to actually go where she wants.  Pulling herself up has immediately followed the crawling…she’ll use my legs, the couch, the dog, pretty much anywhere she can find purchase.  And every day she becomes a speedy little quadriped, ripping around raising all kinds of hell…but the cute kind.  The leisure moments I would get when she would just play in one place are quickly disappearing.  I knew of this one lady who pinned the toe of her baby’s onesie to the rug so he wouldn’t go very far…hmmm…food for thought…

So I’m sure you’re curious as to how I made peace with Sleep.  After having enough of the multiple night wakings just to hang out, 3 am nursings (just so she’d go back to sleep) we’d had enough.  I tried a few techniques from The No Cry Sleep Solutions (too complicated & required actual coherence at 3 am to record wake times, sleep times and how and where they happened), to singing, to laying on the floor beside her, nothing worked.  Out of sheer exhaustion and frustration, we decided to let her cry it out.  We picked the long weekend, anticipating a rough couple of nights.  The first night she woke up on two different occasions and cried for about 30 mins total.  Not so bad.  The second night turned into morning and we all woke up at 9:30 am.

Let me say it again…9:30 AM!!!!  Effen-A!  (air kick and fist pump)  AND she’s been sleeping through the night (getting 12 hours!) ever since.  And we are ALL better for it.  I am a better mom, looking less like a cast member from The Walking Dead and more like a lady, M can get to work mostly on time and be reasonably productive, and Sofia, well she’s always happy, but at least I know she’s getting all the sleep she needs…for now.

So as you can see, the last month or so has been eventful.  I’m going to finish off here because it’s taken me two days two write. This motherhood thing is a pretty crazy ride, if I could name it, I think I’d call it The Leviathan…because sometimes it is like tackling a huge sea monster.

Until next post…


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