Posted in October 2012


In the weeks that Sofia has learned to crawl, she’s also learned that she is independent from me.  Which when you think about it, must be a pretty crazy feeling for a baby who spends the first 8 months (or so) of their life practically attached to you.  She travels around the house at will, … Continue reading

The Leviathan

Hello dear readers.  I’m glad you haven’t given up on me and this blog.  I’m a little distracted today.  As of right this moment my little darling is supposed to be well into her morning nap, but is sitting up in her crib, playing with her bunny and chatting to herself and me. Oh wait….silence…YES!  … Continue reading

A Re-post: Porn for Pregnant Ladies

Happy Thanksgiving my friends! This week has been a bit of a write off as I’ve been too damned tired to get it together to post anything. My darling daughter has been somewhat of a Holy Terror during the nights which makes Momma here a sloppy mess by morning. In my zombie-like state, I have … Continue reading

What Baby??????

This weekend I had the opportunity to cash in a gift certificate for an entire spa package at the Stillwater Spa.  I’ve been dying to use it since I received it 6 months ago, but the timing was never right.  So Saturday was my day to experience 8 solid hours of blissful relaxation.  The last … Continue reading