Sisterhood of the Time Travelling Pants

Jennifer Hudson should be singing for me today.

Today I put on my most favorite pair of Joes Jeans…and they fit….well…kinda.  I can do them up and sit down and not be worried about the button shooting off at high velocity and putting a hole in the wall.  These jeans have a history.  My SIL (Sister In Law) and I went to this secret denim sale that wasn’t so secret.  Girls were grabbing handfuls of denim like Oprah at an ice cream buffet…(sorry O).  To even get a pair you had to fight off at least four or five of them.  And then there were so many ladies there, you just had to drop trou right where you were standing and try them on.  That’s where Joe and I found each other…and that was YEARS at least 5.

5 years…and one baby later…when you think about the weight that you put on and lose (more so putting on, in my case) in 5 years and a baby, that’s a friggen miracle.

I admit that I’ve been a little slow to attempt to lose the baby weight.  I tried really hard during the pregnancy to not gain too much, and I did REALLY good.  Post pregnancy I started out doing ok, but I relied a little too much on the “breastfeeding helps you lose weight” fact.  Eating a rice krispie square while breastfeeding cancels each other out…right???  I was in league with Liz Lemon “having a nooner means pancakes for lunch”.  Well, not quite that bad, but I had some early success and fit into a bunch of things that I hadn’t been able to wear even before I was pregnant and was buoyed by that for awhile.  It was enough momentum to get me to purchase the 30-day Shred…I didn’t quite make the 30 days…I feel like Jillian Michaels would yell at me and make me cry if she knew…and then make me drop down and give her 30 crunches.  Summer hit and who wants to work out in the baking heat…its a sure-fire way to get a migraine or heat exhaustion.  Then we went on vacation and no one exercises on vacation…right?  But while on vacation, facing the return home, autumn coming, and the start of everything new…I made a couple promises to myself.  I don’t eat horrible, but I could stand to get my heart rate up by exercising and not just coming up the stairs or watching The Walking Dead right before bed (now THAT gets your heart going!).  I already walk the dog everyday, so why not make it a bit more challenging.  The reality really sunk in when I tried to jog a little ways…whoooo-eee!  5 minutes of jogging doesn’t seem that hard, quite easy in fact.  Well try it after 7 months of sedentary, low-impact exercise…actually, you can’t even call it that…it’s pretty much just “movement”.  I’d lost any amount of endurance I had.  I was checking the stopwatch at 2 mins…5 mins was an eternity!
At any rate, things have been working, even before I made my promises.  I tried the jeans on before summer hit and I couldn’t even get the button closed (not even while lying down!), so something’s working…and its not the “canceling out” diet plan.  Turns out following the food guide and getting daily exercise does work!

So Joe and I are reunited at long last…rescued from the “clothes that don’t fit” box.  Granted I’m not there yet…the jeans fit and I’m comfortable but blousey shirts will be the way to go until they REALLY fit.  But its enough to keep me going…at least another 5 minutes…



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