Posted in September 2012

Sometimes Babies are Disgusting

Yes, it’s true.  I don’t mean to burst your “my baby is the cutest thing ever” bubble.  I’m sure almost everything they do is cute. HOWEVER. You must not have experienced Baby’s First (or second) Cold yet.  Not cute.  Mostly sad and disgusting.  And maybe you’ve been told that old adage “it’s not gross when … Continue reading



I’m sorry but I must make an amendment to something in one of my previous posts.  Here is what my comment was: “Sleep is now my bitch.” This is not true.  I let my quick success go to my newbie parent head and grossly underestimated Sleep and her “dark dealings” with infants.  It was all … Continue reading

Sisterhood of the Time Travelling Pants

Jennifer Hudson should be singing for me today. Today I put on my most favorite pair of Joes Jeans…and they fit….well…kinda.  I can do them up and sit down and not be worried about the button shooting off at high velocity and putting a hole in the wall.  These jeans have a history.  My SIL … Continue reading


Well, we made it home.  Everyone is alive and thriving.  Great things those vacations!  After two and a half weeks we’re rested, rejuvenated and willing to keep on keepin’ on.  No trial separation necessary!  I feel like while we were gone, Sofia changed drastically.  She’s now got two teeth, babbling away (pretty sure she’s saying … Continue reading