Top of the World Baby

I feel like I’ve arrived.  After 6 months and a few weeks of toughing it out as a new mom, I’ve made it.  I’ve reached this level that I’d NEVER thought I’d ever aspire to.

That’s right, I made my own fruit leather bitches!  (Cue Kanye’s Touch the Sky)

Somewhere in the two weeks of time off prior to having baby Sofia, this weird urge to cook stuff.  Not fancy things like pepper stuffed cabbage or anything like that, but things like my own fruit popsicles, rhubarb jam and most recently fruit leather.  The strange thing is that before baby, I had absolutely no interest in cooking or baking at all.  Not only did I not have any interest, I really did not care for it much either.  Husby M was the one who enjoyed making fun things for us to eat and I was happy to support him by eating them.

I’d like to lay part of the blame on boredom in the two weeks I had off before Sofia made her entrance.  I was going crazy!  The waiting was killing me (the doctors kept telling me she could come “any day now”…and I happened to be 4cm dilated and at 80% for the full two weeks so it was LITERALLY any day now).  So, looking for anything to bide my time that wasn’t watching  Dr. Phil or Anderson (its a slippery slope watching those talk shows).  In retrospect, maybe this was the “nesting instinct” they warned us of in baby class, gone awry.  I started with making my own nursing cover.  Like any weird addiction (like eating laundry detergent) it got worse.  The nursing cover was my gateway drug.  I then started making these deadly chewy lemon cookies.  I’m pretty sure I made about 6 batches of those suckers before Sofia was 3 months old…and I’m pretty sure I was responsible for the extra pounds poor M put on…well, partly responsible.  I took on a pretty close reproduction of the Starbucks Raspberry Lemon Loaf, complete with lemon frosting (I have a weakness it seems for lemony things).  It was then that I knew I had a problem.

Rhubarb jam, flourless chocolate cookies, and finally fruit leather (which happens to be delicieux!).  Pinterest has been my complete undoing.

I believe that this compulsion has been the development of my “Mom Gene”.  And I’m afraid its only just begun.  I’ve come to an understanding that this gene development need not be a negative thing, nor does it make me strange.  I still am surprised by the form it took, I never expected cooking to be my “thing”. It does have a positive side, besides the deliciousness, it saves money, and you can’t tell me THAT’s not delicious too.  Now when I try to explain this to friends who question my sanity and think I’m weird, well it also happens to be something that I can do when Sofia is napping.  In the 60-90 minutes I get of quiet time, it’s what I end up doing.

Has anyone else been compelled to do things they never thought they’d do while on mat leave or as they’ve progressed into being a mom?  I’d love to hear your stories.  Share your strangeness in this safe place, whether its cross stitch, hair collecting or dog grooming…

So, for the time being I’ll settle with the fruit leather (strawberry blueberry flavour) and embrace my Mom Gene.  And I’m setting my sights on making bread next.  Oh and some delicious cinnamon buns…perhaps in the fall.

In the end, Kanye says it best…

I gotta testify, come up in the spot looking extra fly
For the day I die, I’mma touch the sky

Looking forward to your comments!

Here’s the Lemon Cookies recipe:

Chewy Lemon Cookies

peace out!


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