I Need a Sleep Revolution

It’s a quiet morning, Sofia’s napping, I’m on my second cup of coffee (shh, don’t tell) and the wind is rocking the trees just enough to make that relaxing rustling sound.  Add to that The Most Relaxing Classical Music in the World…Ever (longest title EVER…but at least you know what you’re getting) playing in the background…I’m so close to slipping into a coma of sigh’s right now its a good thing I’m sitting upright.  So, to keep myself present I figure I’ll take advantage of the minutes I have to post again.

Today I want to talk about sleep.  On Sunday, we purchased an Aden & Anais Sleeping Bag from the BabyBot Pop-Up store.  Sofia’s getting too big to swaddle anymore and is growing out of her Silly Goosy Swaddle (which is A-MA-ZING by the way for the under 6 month-ers).  Her sleeping habits lately have been wreaking havoc on MY sleeping habits…waking up at 2:30 am just to hang out, falling asleep the minute I pick her up and then waking up 5 minutes AFTER I put her down (Repeat x3 or 4…GAH!)  I tell ya, after you’ve been spoiled for the last 4 months with a full nights sleep, the interruptions are SO much harder than when she was a newborn.  Anyways…the last few weeks have been a bit wonky for the sleeping.  It got so bad for a week that I went to the library and literally took out EVERY book I could find on sleep and infants.   Most of them ended up on a similar track, going to bed still awake, but sleepy.  Which we were already doing.  Not picking her up and letting her cry (only for a little bit…!) etc etc etc.  I’ve totally mastered the side-nursing position and log-roll to get to the other side, when at 2 am I’m so exhausted I just bring her to bed with me and feed her while I’m sleeping.  Don’t judge me…

Next solution…let’s try solids.  She is getting to that stage (sob!), so we started solids last week.  It improved the nocturnal wakings a bit, but not fully.

Cut to Sunday at BabyBot (which is a really fun online store that sells modern design-y baby stuff that opened a pop up store downtown) we went in to check out their kitchen event and ended up leaving with the sleeping bag (among other things…I can’t resist a sale!) and assurances from the great owners that it would literally change our lives.  Dare I hope?

That night after a tasty dinner of carrots and a bath, Sofia slept 12 effing hours!  WHATTHEWHAT?!

We have a sleep revolution people!  I’m going to shout it from the rooftops!  Or at least from the 2nd floor window.  Being on the roof is a bit dangerous.  No longer do I have to keep wrapping her in a swaddle that she just kicks out of…no more do I need to worry that she’s pulling her blankets over her face…and…no more 2 am visits!!!  HA!

Sleep is now my bitch.

buy this.  buy it now.


2 thoughts on “I Need a Sleep Revolution

  1. I’ve been considering buying one for Averie when we go home next month (cheaper in the US) since it seems like it would be great for warmer weather (if summer ever gets here!). She loves her GroBag, so hopefully she’ll love this too. Love your blogs!

    • Thanks Devon! Yah, it was totally worth the purchase, but it WAS pricey. I plan on buying another (hopefully babysteals has them come up again soon!) as Sofia is finally growing out of this one. Thanks for reading!

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