Step into a world…(yep…that is Raptures Delight)

I’ve started and deleted this intro at least 5 times now, so I’m just going to run and not look back.  However, I know I will.  Years later when I’m a successful blogger, among other things, I’m going to look back on this very first entry and shake my head and shudder.   Just like when I look back at the pictures of me in grade six (why did I think that sweatshirts with ducks on them were cool?!  And where were my friends to guide me?!).  Three sentences in and I’m digressing already.  Let’s just start again…

My name is Kailey and I’m glad you’re still here.  I have wonderful fluffy dreams of owning my own business empire one day, and I’m convinced that this seems like a good place to start.  Right now I’m a new mama 6 months in to my maternity leave and am enjoying this space and time right now.  Up until now, I really haven’t had the time or energy to devote to the Business Empire plans but now I’m ready to take over the world…or at least cyberspace.

So, just to get you in the “know” if you don’t already know, I have a 6 month old daughter named Sofia.  She is my daily joy and source of frustration (only sometimes), but my best piece of work to date.  I also have a wonderful supportive husband ‘M’ (he likes to be mysterious) and a kick ass American Bully named King.    We are a very happy family.

The 6 month old mark is the shizz.  If I could stop time, here is where I would give pause.  I am enjoying watching her learn the world and really see things for the first time.  Where she’s happy to be with both of us, when she sleeps through the night AND goes to bed at 8 pm.

Anyways, back to the blog…what’s that you say?  Why Well Rounded?  Well my new friends, this blog is about being a well rounded woman.  I am a mama, but even before that I was a woman (I kinda feel a bit old saying it like that…woman)…okay I was a lady (weeellll, some might argue that point)…OKAY!  FINE!  Before that, I enjoyed doing things that didn’t involve being a mom or a kid.  Carefree things, sexy things, intelligent things, things for just me etc etc etc.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge getting knocked up or being a mama, but my theory is this…Just because I’m a mama, doesn’t mean I stop being a ________(insert your gender specific word here) and doing all those things I used to do.  (Save for the nights of drinking my face off and carrying on the next day like nothing happened…whooo-eee those days are LONG gone!)

So what makes this blog any different than the scads of other mom-blogs?  Well, I’m hoping to answer that as I go.  I’m absolutely new to this…even to get to this point here, I had to delete the first blog and start this one because I didn’t like the name…so we’re definitely on our way.  Have patience.  But just remember, its all part of the plan…the Business Empire Plan.
Well, I think that does it for this very first post.  Hopefully I won’t be too embarrassed when I look back on it when I’m sitting in my luxurious unicorn hide wing back chair on the 23rd floor.


4 thoughts on “Step into a world…(yep…that is Raptures Delight)

  1. Way to go Kailey, I am looking forward to your witty banter on this space. I miss it because you could make me bust a gut like no other. Looking forward to more glimpses into that twisted little mind of yours. Ha!

    • Chris, you just made it worth it! Thanks!…I’m more than happy to share my witty banter with you…and basically anyone who’ll listen.
      ps. tell your friends.

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