4 Year Old Truth Bombs

I was doing my parental duty yesterday by nagging my four year old about the state of her room.  It looked like someone threw a grenade loaded with toddler underwear, every dress she owns, bits of paper and little glittery stick-on earrings that end up stuck everywhere from the bottom of my sock to the … Continue reading

The Day That Poop Won

The Day That Poop Won

Look at that poop emoji. His stupid smug smile. I`d like to punch that smile off his stupid stinking face. In the last few days I have returned from a month long trip to Chile. This was to be only the second time I have traveled by air with a child, and the first time … Continue reading

The Idiot

Here’s how a little conversation went this morning while on our way to the store. While driving, we encountered an individual who’s skills behind the wheel were lacking. I muttered a few choice words at him and called the guy an “idiot”. Pretty tame as far as “bad words” go. S: Mummy, who’s that guy? … Continue reading

Bomb Squad Diaper Duty

Well it’s been almost a month since I became a mother of two.  Sofia just turned two this week and Eli is three weeks old.  My time is so valuable these days that in order to blog, I either have to give up my afternoon nap (and lets be honest here, that is definitely not … Continue reading

So Beautiful….

I’m embarrassed to say that it’s been far too long since I last posted anything on the site.  I’ve deprived you all of my wit for far too long.  Oh sure, I’d think about jotting down a few remarks and observances but then I’d roll over and nap for another half hour or head to … Continue reading

The Day No One Will Forget

I just recently turned 32.  Wow.  When I look at the numbers it just seems so…up there.  I feel like now I’m fully committed to my 30’s.  There’s no going back.  31 didn’t really seem that bad, kinda flirting with the thirties. I have always LOVED my birthday, my own day where I felt special … Continue reading

The “Celebrate A Solid” Dance Party

I threw a little party in my head, did a little dance and texted M to let him know that Sofia had a solid poop today.  This is particularly dance-party worthy because it’s been at least a few weeks since we’ve had formed poop in a diaper, instead changing “poop soup” with various ingredients and … Continue reading

Baby’s First…Bleeder.

It’s been awhile since my last post.  The sailing has been smooth and the development of both mom and baby  steady.  Sofia has sprouted her two eye teeth (fangs) before getting her top front teeth and now looks like a baby vampire.  Move over Bella Swan…there’s a new girl in town, and she’s actually capable … Continue reading

Taming the Tongue

Since becoming a mom, I’ve noticed a few alarming traits making more of an appearance in my day to day life.  I’ve had these momma-bear moments where I get all riled up and go into protective mode.  And not always when my kid is under a “perceived” threat…I put perceived in quotes because sometimes my … Continue reading